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This is I think a typical story for Uzbekistan, but to the outsider like me, it says a lot about how things are done/not done in the country. My mother's exit visa is about to expire, so she goes to the local OVIR office to get a new one. She was also wondering whether she should get new Uzbek passport, which was introduced last year and which eventually every Uzbek citizen should have.
But the Head of Ovir was perplexed by her question and told her to go the British Embassy and ask then whether her current Uzbek passport is ok with them. Why? because my mother has a UK visa which is still valid for another year. But, never less, this visa has nothing to do with the new UZbek passport. Instead of explaining to my mother that the old passport is still valid for at least a year or two, the guy sends her to the foreign embassy. How ridiculous is that?!
My question is how much this guy paid for his job, since it looks like he is totally unqualified for it?


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